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Coodecafec buys the best coffee produced in farms of the Department, the production process from sowing to the exportation of the product consists of sustainable and environment-friendly procedures, some certifications that support these practices are:

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The coffee from Cundinamarca goes through a high-quality production process which is overseen and certified by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC). The process consists of:

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Our cofee

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On Cundinamarca's coffee mountains, irrigated by the biggest paramos of the world, it is produced a coffee under shade that provides the cup with a unique taste, with sweet and caramel flavors and light citric sensations that outstand its acidity, body and sweetness.

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This is a product assambled with excelso coffee 100% from Colombia. Smooth and pleasant taste, witht the best selected beans and high quality standards production.

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Social Responsability & Associates

Services for Associates

Coodecafec was funded to support the labor of Coffee Growers in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia. As part of our social responsibility we are committed to provide the resources needed for education and good quality practices offering the following services to all those coffee farmers who wish to acquire them.  

Social Responsability & Coffee Growers

Coodecafec is commited to provide coffee growers with every tool and knowledge required to produce the best quality coffee in the region and promote the coffee of our department.

Coffee Regions in Cundinamarca

Cundinamarca has seven coffee productive regions that belong to this department.