Why Should I Choose The Coffee From Cundinamarca?

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Cundinamarca was one of the first regions in Colombian where coffee started to be cultivated in the XIX century, farms located on warm temperatures and high altitudes allowed a unique and distinctive flavor to be developed.

Cundinamarca is one of the 32 Departments (similar to States) in Colombia and it is located right at the heart of the country, it has over 37.000 hectares of coffee farms in various towns.

The coffee from this magnificent region is produced with sustainable, traditional and minimum industrial intervention techniques that provide a great flavor and quality to the bean which is distinguished from other Premium coffees in the world.

The countries with the most consumption of our coffee are United States, Germany, Japan and Canada. (See also Coffee Exportations 2017)

Some reasons why you will love to drink coffee from Cundinamarca are:

1. Our coffee has sensorial characteristics that make it different from others like its sweet caramel tastes, panela, and cane honey.

2. This coffee has light citric, juicy and brilliant sensations due to the shade-grown which enhance its acidity, body, and sweetness.

3. Cundinamarca has a great variety of climates and altitudes that provide different cup profiles according to every preference.

4. The handmade picking represents the hard work of selecting the cherry at its best condition to benefit the coffee, additionally to its fermentation and drying.